Team Building

Programs Available Labor Day - Memorial Day

What is Team Building?

At Camp Akita we offer a wide variety of team building programs and events to suite the needs of your group. All of our team building programs are designed to reward group cooperation and are focused on participants having fun with each other outside of their daily environment. Building strong working relationships, developing a sense of community and having fun at work, are just some of the results our amazing team building programs.

Participants in the program learn to solve problems, make decisions, set goals and develop communication skills in an atmosphere that is challenging, supportive and fun. Participants in our program will:

  • Appreciate their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Respect and value differences within a group
  • Be involved in the resolution of conflicts
  • Trust in themselves and in others
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Acquire and practice essential life skills

Team Building Options

Alpine Tower

The Climbing Tower experience provides participants with the opportunity to become part of a group working together to master individual challenges. While the Tower challenges participants individually it is also designed to encourage group interaction, cooperation and to enhance one’s confidence and self-esteem. Participants scale a 50 foot vertical course encountering different challenges along the way. Safety lines secure all climbers at all times. Wrap up your experience with a ride on our Giant Swing. A trained facilitator will design an experience, which will meet the goals of your particular group. The tower provides unique challenges and team-oriented experiences for groups of 8 to 36.

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Challenge Course

This Course is designed to present a group of 8-15 individuals with challenges and obstacles that encourage group participation. Individual events are presented in a sequence designed to help achieve the group's overall goals. Though course requires physical effort, they are far less physically demanding than the Alpine Tower. Lessons learned can include the value of team effort, sensitivity to other’s weaknesses, an appreciation of other’s strengths and the development of good listening skills. Communication is stressed as the group moves through increasingly difficult tasks. If you desire your group to experience an activity that will encourage team effort, cooperation, and communication, the Challenge Course may be for you. Recommended for all age groups. Challenge course groups should be a minimum of 8 persons in size. Groups more than 15 are often divided into two groups or more for the purpose of facilitation.

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Wilderness Survival

This very exciting course covers all areas of wilderness survival including the 5 most critical skills of: constructing emergency shelters, fire making techniques, finding and purifying water, using a map and compass and signaling using manufactured and improvised devices. This course is held entirely outdoors, rain or shine! You will leave camp tired but invigorated with the skills we hope you will never have to utilize!

Adventure Race

This program is competitive and fun. It uses the team concept to complete objectives for time and points. Groups will begin at a designated starting point and move from challenge to challenge. Teams will have to work together to accomplish objectives that are mentally and physically challenging. Each race is tailored to the abilities of the group.


  Groups of up to 15 people Additional participants
Half Day (3–4 hours) $300 $20 each
Full Day (7–8 hours) $500 $33 each

To receive more information about specific dates and availability, please email our offices.