Outdoor Education

What is Outdoor Education?

Learn in a natural, beautiful setting. We believe a student's hands-on experience is the best teacher and our outdoor educational curriculum is designed to be a hands-on way to learn a verity of outdoor educational topics.

Program Objectives

The guidelines for outdoor education are rooted in the Ohio Department of Education Standards and compliment school curriculum. Activities emphasize the development of student perceptions, sensitivities, and awareness of the natural environment. The classes are designed to build positive relationships between students and build a basic understanding of ecological principles.


  1. Help students develop their knowledge and skills in ways that add value to their learning in the classroom.
  2. Empower children to be responsible citizens in their handling of natural resources.
  3. Develop interpersonal relationships by encouraging communication, group cohesion, and teamwork.

Program Benefits

Many children spend little or no time in the natural world. For some, this may be their first opportunity to use a compass, climb the alpine tower, or go for a hike in the wilderness. These are experiences that last a lifetime. For others, this may be the first extended period of time away from their families and the sense of independence gained is invaluable. This is also a great way to build cooperation skills and a sense of team for your students. The social and motivational effects will be seen immediately as students become more aware of the positive impact they can have with each other, their teachers, and the environment.

Activities and Classes

The Camp Akita Staff are available to teach a variety of outdoor education, and team building classes during your visit. Many schools also choose to have their own teachers lead activities. We can custom design a program to help meet your educational needs.

For more information on outdoor education programming, please email our offices.