Adventure Complex

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What is the Adventure Complex?

Camp Akita's Adventure Complex is Ohio's premier ropes and challenge course. The Adventure Complex is located about 45 miles southeast of Columbus in the Hocking Hills. Here, you and your group can experience team-building, excitement, fun, adventure, problem-solving, communication-building and personal enrichment surrounded by the scenic Hocking Hills.

The facility was built in 1996 by North Carolina-based Alpine Towers Inc., a leader in challenge course design. It features a 50-foot Alpine Tower, the Giant Swing, and the Rescue Exercise and Challenge Course (REACH).

Alpine Tower

Designed by the former director of Outward Bound's National Training Institute, the 50-foot tall tower is an alternative to traditional linear, tree-based high-ropes courses, and features both low and high elements.

Participants, individually or in teams, climb various rope configurations such as the Corporate Ladder and the Diabolical Seesaw. During climbing, all individuals are harnessed and secured with safety lines.

Giant Swing

Participants are hoisted up 35 feet, where they release themselves and swing in a giant pendulum motion. This adrenaline-pumping challenge is appropriate for all ages, and it aligns with the Adventure Complex philosophy of challenge by choice: each person chooses the height of their own swing, and the participant (rather than the instructor) is in charge of releasing the tow rope.

REACH Course Group Initiatives

At the Rescue Exercise and Challenge (REACH) Course, participants use listening, planning, leadership, and communication skills as they pursue the rescue mission challenge, which simulates carrying injured persons over rough terrain. They can also tackle the Titanic, Perimeter Traverse, Penny in the Haystack, Traffic Jam, and Spider's Web exercises.

Opportunities for all ages and groups

Regardless of age or type of group, everyone is welcome at the Adventure Complex. All components are designed for various levels of difficulty, so challenges abound for small children, teens, young and older adults, and people with disabilities. We can accomodate groups numbering from six up to more than 100 at one time.

Participants include groups from hospitals, schools, universities, corporations, treatment centers, and retail stores. Individuals and families are welcome, too. Half-day, full-day, or multi-day program arrangements are available.

Trained instructors can help groups tailor specific programs to meet their particular goals and abilities. The Adventure Complex is operated under the philosophy of challenge by choice, whereby each participant chooses what he or she wants to accomplish.

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  Groups of up to 15 people Additional participants
Half Day (3–4 hours) $300 $20 each
Full Day (7–8 hours) $500 $33 each

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