Summer Camp 2019 Information Guide

Important information

  • Mission & Vision
  • Camper Goals & Outcomes (PDF)
  • Emergency Communication Plan (PDF)
  • Before Camp

    Updating Registration Information

    If you need to update any registration information including cabin mate requests, t-shirt size, medical/ dietary/allergy information, contact information, etc., you may do that online by logging into your Parent Dashboard.

    Login using your email address and password you established when you registered your child. If you do not remember your password, enter your email address and select “What’s my password” which will allow you to generate a new password.

    After logging into the Parent Dashboard, refer to the Home page for instructions regarding how to update your child’s medical information, upload a photo, view your balance and how to make a payment.


    All payments are due in full by Friday, June 1st.  Camp Akita offers three payment options, which you were required to choose between at registration.  You can pay in full at the time of registration, pay an equal portion of the balance on the first business day of each month, or pay the full balance on June 1st.  Additional options are available for late registrations. 

    If you have any questions about your payment plan, please contact or call 614 488.0681 ext 113.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    Refunds are issued as listed below. Based on the number of days the cancellation request is received prior to the start of the camp session, we will refund a percentage of the camp price (minus a non-refundable deposit which is $75 for most programs).

      Percentage of camp price refunded
    Days before 
    camp session
    Session does not
    have waiting list
    Session has 
    waiting list
    1, 2, 3...Akita!
    30 days or more 100% refund – deposit 100% refund – deposit 100% refund – $25
    15–29 days 50% refund – deposit 100% refund – deposit 100% refund – $25
    14 days or less 25% refund – deposit 50% refund – deposit 100% refund – $25

    Although it is unfortunate, some campers do leave Camp Akita during a session due to illness, injury, or other extraordinary circumstances.  We rarely will reimburse or pro-rate a refund due to a camper leaving mid-session as we will have already incurred the costs for the camper at the time of their arrival.  If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Amy at 614.488.0681 ext 113 or email to

    Cabin Mate Requests and Assignments

    Cabin assignments are formed utilizing the cabin mate requests completed on the camper registration form. Cabin assignments are not available until check-in at the North Campus.

    Our staff does their best to accommodate as many requests as possible, while understanding that one of the best aspects of summer camp is making new friends. You may make updates to your child’s requests up to one week prior to check-in through your online account.

    Please prioritize your requests by entering your first choice for cabin mate in the first available field during registration.

    Session Transfer Requests

    Session transfer requests must be made by the parent/ guardian of the camper. If you would like to inquire about transferring your child to a different camp session, please call (614) 488-0681, ext 113 or email our Columbus Akita office.