Camp Akita for 11th Graders

Here are the programs Camp Akita offers for campers entering 11th grade in the Fall of 2024:

High School Camp (grades 9-12 and 2024 graduates*)

May 28 - June 3
Session 1
7 days, 6 nights
$605 (members)
$685 (non-members)

July 5 - 11
Session 7
7 days, 6 nights
$605 (members)
$685 (non-members)

These are the camp sessions you do not want to miss! We pull out all the stops and guarantee every camper they will have a new experience at Akita. We will wake up early, stay up late, and cram as many activities into the day as possible. There will be a full complement of options during the day from which our campers can choose. Some examples from last year are yoga, cooking, home made physics, and carpentry.

Campers will hear a nightly message from one of our staff members. They will have time in small groups to discuss their faith with their cabins at night and in coed groups during the morning. Our emphasis to our high school campers is how to live out your faith. We hope that our high school campers leave Akita with confidence in their personal beliefs and the knowledge that there is a large faith community at Akita that accepts them for the unique being that they are.

* You must be age 19 or younger to attend these camp sessions.

More info about Summer Camp

L.I.F.E. Guard *

May 28 - June 9
Session A
13 days at camp
$635 (member)
$695 (non-member)
June 10 - 20
Session B
9 days at camp
$450 (member)
$510 (non-member)
June 21 - July 1
Session C
11 days at camp
$555 (member)
$615 (non-member)
July 5 - 11
Session D
7 days at camp
$350 (member)
$410 (non-member)
July 12 - 17
Session E
6 days at camp
$305 (member)
$365 (non-member)
August 1 - 8
Session G
8 days at camp
$395 (member)
$455 (non-member)
June 21 – July 1
(Session B)
9 nights at camp
$420 (members) / $470 (non-mem.)
July 5–14
(Session C)
8 nights at camp
$405 / $455
July 15–25
(Session D)
9 nights at camp
$420 / $470
July 26 – August 7
(Session E)
9 nights at camp
$420 / $470
August 8–14
(Session F)
5 nights at camp
$350 / $400

L.I.F.E. Guard is an opportunity available for high school students looking for a service-based faith experience at Akita. The acronym L.I.F.E. means "Last Is First Eternal" and comes from Matthew 19:30: "But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first." This verse is a reminder of the spirit behind the work performed by this group.

A crew of high school students will devote up to two camp sessions to serving the camp, campers, and God. By doing much of the behind-the-scenes work that enables camp to run so smoothly for the campers, the participants learn how to give of themselves without seeking any credit or praise. The "Guard Experience" is the next step in the pursuit of a deeper understanding of their faith.

* Each L.I.F.E. Guard session consists of 1 or 2 camp segments. Between each segment, campers leave camp and may spend 1 or 2 nights at home. Sessions A, C, F & G spend one night at home in between sessions. Session B spends 2 nights at home between sessions. Sessions D & E only consist of one camp session. You must be age 19 or younger to attend these camp sessions.

More info about L.I.F.E. Guard

Akita Backcountry (High School, grades 9-12 & 2024 graduates*)

June 21 - 26
Session B3
5 nights at camp
$525 (members)
$580 (non-members)
July 12 - 17
Session B4
5 nights at camp
$525 (members)
$580 (non-members)

Akita Backcountry is our outdoor education camp experience. Each session is limited to 10 campers who will stay in two large platform tents in a remote corner of our property. By immersing ourselves in nature, living more simply, and sleeping under the stars, we often feel like the best versions of ourselves.

There is something about cooking over a campfire and listening to the crickets that makes it easy for us to ask bigger questions, trust one another, and engage in deep conversations about faith.The program’s strength lies in the small number of participants and the relationships so easily formed as we explore together.

* You must be age 19 or younger to attend these camp sessions.

More info about Akita Backcountry