Camp Akita 2021 Summer Theme

Every year at Camp Akita we focus our discussion and quiet time around a theme. We do our best to pick a theme that will be recognizable to every camper, provide depth of content for discussion, and is counter-cultural. We are very excited to announce the 2021 summer camp theme.

Making a Comeback

This summer, campers will hear stories of comebacks big and small: athletes who recovered from injuries and musicians who reinvented their craft. We’ll discuss how setbacks can bring disappointment and that making a comeback doesn’t always mean returning to “old ways.” Like the artist who discovers a messy new way of using paint, campers will learn that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved, valued, or worthy of celebration.

Campers will have the crucial opportunity to reflect on the past year. What setbacks did you experience during the pandemic? How do you want to “make a comeback”: by regaining confidence? Building new friendships? Reconnecting with community and faith?

At Camp Akita 2021, campers will complete hands-on activities, play games, and share their own stories through the lens of “Making a Comeback.” Most of all, we can’t wait to come back together.

See you soon, campers!

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