Camp Akita 2024 Summer Theme

Every year at Camp Akita we focus our discussion and quiet time around a theme. We do our best to pick a theme that will be recognizable to every camper, provide content for discussion, and serve as a new lens for seeing Camp Akita’s core values of acceptance, community, authenticity, and compassion. We are very excited to announce the 2024 summer camp theme.

Once Upon A Summer

In 2024, campers will enter the enchanted realm of “Once Upon a Summer” at Camp Akita. Inspired by our favorite fairy tales, we invite campers to embark on daring quests, navigate enchanted forests, and harness their own magic.

Campers will slay dragons in full-group games, choose their own adventures during Free Time, and create magical concoctions in the Craft Cabin. Like the best fairy tales, campers will encounter new characters along the way: Counselors who will guide their journeys and fellow campers to share in their epic quests.

Best of all, our “Once Upon a Summer” theme will invite campers to reflect upon their own stories and share about their adventures. Who are the heroes and sidekicks in your life? What are you seeking along your journey? Which parts of your story are “to be continued” and which have already found a “happily ever after”?

This summer, campers will learn that all stories are worth telling—and all stories are powerful. Even Jesus knew that people learn best through parables. What are the books, legends, and fables that have taught you valuable lessons? How do even the most fantastical, ancient, or mythical tales help us better understand our own lives and faith?

In the enchanted realm of “Once Upon a Summer,” every day is a new chapter. Campers will create memories to last a lifetime, leaving them forever enchanted by the magic of Camp Akita.

More Information

If you have questions about any of our summer programs, please contact our Columbus Akita offices at (614) 488-0681 ext. 113.