Summer Camp 2021 Information Guide

Please note: All policies and procedures are subject to change prior to June 1 as we continue to monitor the pandemic situation and adapt our policies and procedures to provide a safe and fun environment for both our campers and staff.

Important information

Check-In and Return Process

Please note:  The information on this page has NOT been updated for summer 2021. All information on this page is subject to change for the upcoming summer. Our staff will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and adapt our policies and procedures accordingly to provide safe check-ins and camp returns. All updates will be posted to this webpage, as well as communicated directly with all registered campers.

About the Check-In and Return Process

Campers will check-in on their first day and return on their last day at the North Campus of First Community Church, 3777 Dublin Road, Columbus, OH 43221. All campers will be transported to and from Camp Akita on school buses with adult supervision, by professional licensed bus drivers. Backcountry campers will be transported in a camp-owned vehicle, driven by camp staff. Luggage is tagged by cabin number and transported in a separate luggage truck.

As a part of our safety procedures, campers are assigned to a specific bus based on cabin number so that we may better track how your child is being transported to and from camp. This will also allow you to locate your camper much quicker when they return from camp on their last day.

Important note!  During both check-in and returns from camp, we ask that you supervise all family members both inside the church and outside in the parking lot, especially including younger children that may have accompanied you. This is particularly important in the parking areas with moving vehicles and buses driving through.

In case we are expecting inclement weather, you will be emailed prior to the check-in or return with specific instructions.

Check-In Procedures

Enter the North Campus parking lot from the entrance on Dublin Road and park in the designated areas as directed by check-in volunteers.

  • Check your child’s luggage at the luggage tent/tables in the parking lot (unless in inclement weather). Please make sure all luggage, including sleeping bags, are tagged with your child’s cabin number before proceeding inside. Do not bring luggage inside of the church.
  • Enter the church through the main doors leading to Grace Hall for camper check-in and enter Grace Hall.
  • Proceed to the appropriate check-in table for your child's last name, where camp counselors will check-in your child. Camp volunteers will review your medical and health information. Campers should be present with their parent/guardian during this step.
  • You may be directed to check-in with the Camp Nurse if your child has any has medications (prescription and/or over-the-counter), food allergies, or any other health-related concerns that need to be addressed. If so directed, please wait in the designated nurse line. If you do not need to speak with the nurse, your check-in is complete.
  • After checking in, you may watch the past summer’s camp video being shown, purchase items from the Akita Store or visit with other families.
  • We will announce when your campers may board the buses, approximately 30 - 45 minutes after the start of check-in. We suggest you have your campers visit the rest rooms prior to this time.

Return Procedures

Buses will arrive at approximately the times listed in the Check-in/Return Dates & Times chart for your camper’s session, depending on traffic. The luggage truck will arrive prior to the buses.

Retrieving Luggage

Our high school L.I.F.E. Guard campers and assigned adult volunteers will unload the luggage truck, sorting luggage by gender and by cabin number. So that this can be done in the timeliest and most organized manner, we ask that you allow all luggage to be unloaded and sorted before retrieving your child’s bags.

Safety/Release of Campers

Important! If your camper should NOT be released to a particular person, we must have a release form signed by the custodial parent/guardian indicating the name of the specific person who is NOT allowed to pick up your child. In this situation, your child will only be released to the custodial parent/guardian or to another designated adult, as indicated on the form. A photo ID will be requested in this case before your child is released.

Please forward the camper release form to the Camp Akita administrative offices at the North Campus of First Community Church no later than 24 hours prior to the camper’s return from camp. Copies of the form can be requested by emailing our Columbus Akita offices. Please call (614) 488-0681, ext 113 if you have any questions regarding this procedure.

Bus Return

Please wait until all of the buses have entered their designated parking area and come to a complete stop. Your child will return on the same bus number that they were assigned to during check-in.

If you have turned in a camper release form with specific instructions regarding the release of your child, the person picking up the child will be asked to provide photo identification before the camper is released to their care. A Release form is only needed in the situation where your child should NOT be released to a specific individual.

Late Arrivals/Early Departures

We strongly discourage partial camp experiences due to late arrivals or early departures. The experience at Akita is designed with the assumption that all campers will be there for the entire camp. Any change to the camp community affects not only the absent camper, but all of those in camp.

If a late arrival or early departure becomes absolutely necessary, the details of the arrangements should be emailed to our Columbus Akita offices. Appropriate identification will be required before a child is permitted to leave the property with anyone. Campers are not permitted to drive themselves to camp. Any camper who is not riding the bus must be driven by an adult who has been specifically authorized by the parent/guardian. This information should be communicated to the Columbus Camp Akita office prior to the transport and pick up of the camper.