Akita Weekends

General information

About the Team Challenge

Campers will find out their assigned Team on the Thursday night of their Akita Weekend. As soon as you receive your Team assignment, you can begin earning points by completing challenges! Each of the following challenges is worth 10 points for your Team. If you complete any of the following challenges, send in a photo to our Team Challenge Form, found here and on BAND. The Team with the most points at the end of the weekend wins!


  • Dress up in your Team color
  • Make a craft, friendship bracelet, or flag that represents your Team
  • Decorate your bedroom door to make it Camp Akita or Team themed
  • Dress a pet, family member, or house plant in your Team color
  • Decorate the Team Mascot print-out you received in your supply bag. Take pictures of it doing silly things around your house, “elf on the shelf”-style.
  • Send a postcard from “camp” (aka your house) to a family member or friend
  • Make your desk/workspace/wherever you are tuning in look like summer camp. Can you add some plants, a paper campfire, or some Team spirit? Send us a photo of your setup.
  • Attend a session or take a mid-afternoon nap in a sleeping bag
  • Set up or make a tent indoors or outdoors
  • Make a campfire (real or fake!) Make s’mores (outdoors on a campfire or inside in the microwave or oven)
  • Eat a favorite camp food: homemade grilled cheese, tacos, hamburgers or hot dogs, etc. Cookie or cupcake decorating contest: can you decorate your baked goods to be summer camp themed?
  • Send in a photo of a completed project from Options
  • Have a family member take a photo of you participating in a virtual session.
  • Write a poem or short story about Camp Akita or your Team Mascot. Other: Have another creative way of showing your Camp Akita or Team spirit? Take a photo and send it in for our consideration!

Points & Updates

Campers will submit their entries (including photos) through the Team Challenge Form. Registered campers will receive updates on Team points and see photos of fellow campers on BAND.