How can I make Registration easy?

Set up (or update) your account now. Our Registration form requires information you can provide now, particularly if you are a first-time camper family. Setting up your account does not provide an advantage during Registration, but it can cut out some steps for you. 

If you gone to Camp Akita previously, you can update your credit card information (including expiration date) to make check-out a breeze.  Click on the links below to setup a new First Time Camper Account or to update your Existing Camper Account (ie, credit card information, address, etc.) from a previous summer.

First Time Camper Account

Existing Camper Account

Press "refresh" at your enrollment time.  If you are on our site early, you'll need to press "refresh" at your enrollment time on Saturday to see the registration button go live.

More than one child?  You can have more than one person logged into your account at the same time, from separate computers/devices. If you have more than one child, this may make the process quicker!

Stay on the Waitlist.  If you are waitlisted for your first-choice session, we recommend you stay on the Waitlist. A lot of movement happens in the days after Registration opens, and a spot may open up. Plus, there is no charge for being on the Waitlist. In the meantime...

Consider a second-choice session. If you're waitlisted for your first choice, register for a second choice just in case. There's no financial consequence: if a spot opens in your first-choice session, we can transfer your $75 deposit so you only pay it once.

Call if you need help with registration. Call (614) 488-0681, ext. 113 to connect with a staff member if you have any issues with registration. Leave a message if we're taking other calls.

If you have questions regarding changes to registration, cabin mate requests, Wait List status, program questions, payment plans, or scholarships, please email our Columbus Akita Offices.

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