Book Donations for Summer Camp!

Did you know that Camp Akita has a library? We do—and it needs your help! Many of our books are worn, missing pages, or not current for today's camper. Camp Akita campers can choose to read books in the Craft Cabin in the afternoon, at bedtime to help settle for sleep, and Counselors read books to campers in the evening. Help us improve our library!

What kind of books does Akita need?

Our First Community K-12 Staff have put together suggested lists of books by category that would make good choices for Akita's campers. Books can be new or used (in good condition). While we always appreciate your support and donations, we would ask that you refrain from dropping off books that may not fall within the categories listed below.

Wish Lists Books by Category:

Where do I drop off book donations?

Drop off books at First Community North. There is a bin outside of the Rose Wing, or you can drop off books at the Reception desk during weekday business hours (9 am - 5 pm) or on Sunday mornings.

We do not have children's books, but would like to help!

That's fantastic and much appreciated!  We've created an Amazon Wish List where you may purchase books, and your donations will be shipped to First Community North. Please do not ship directly to Camp Akita, our North Akita staff will take care of getting books to Akita.

Click HERE for the Amazon Wish List

Email our Camp Akita Office at First Community North or call (614) 488-0681 ext. 113.

Thank you for your support of the Camp Akita ministry of First Community!

Camp Akita is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation could be tax-deductible.