Akita Staff Certification Bonuses

What is a Certification Bonus?

There are a number of specialized skills you can bring with you as an Akita staff member that are useful both at camp and in your outside life and career. Many of these skills can be learned through coursework and have certifications associated with them. To reward you for your additional skills, we offer a bonus for selected certifications listed below.


The certification must be received from the one of the organizations listed; if you already have or would like to obtain a certification from a different organization, contact our Columbus offices at Staff@CampAkita.org to determine if you will be eligible. Only the highest certification in each course series will qualify for a bonus.

Certifications paid for by Camp Akita or obtained during Staff Training will not be eligible for a bonus.

Eligible Certifications

The amount listed in parentheses is the per-summer bonus for each certification obtained. Approved bonus payments will be included in the staff member's final paycheck.

Wilderness First Aid ($50) • Wilderness First Responder ($100) • Wilderness EMT ($200)
Offered by Wilderness Medical Associates, the NOLS Wilderness Medical Institute, or SOLO.

Lifeguard ($100) • Waterfront Lifeguard ($200)
Offered by the American Red Cross.

Archery ($100)
Offered by USA Archery