Camp Akita Mission & Vision


Camp Akita is a place of fun and reflection where all campers are encouraged to strengthen their relationship with God, self, others, and nature.


Akita campers are inspired to become people whose lives embrace these core values:

Compassion:  Akita campers care for one another.

Acceptance:  Akita campers value each individual.

Community:  Akita campers build genuine relationships.

Authenticity: Akita campers celebrate their uniqueness.

These core values embody what we call the "Akita Spirit." We invite each camper to embrace this Spirit both within and beyond the camp gates.

Founded on the traditions of First Community Church, Camp Akita staff members encourage all campers to recognize their uniqueness and inherent worth as individuals loved by God, without condition.

Staff members recognize that living in community with campers from diverse backgrounds and beliefs enriches our experience together. The community we create allows each camper to grow in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement.