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Five Reasons to Come to Camp as a High Schooler

— by Sarah Kientz, High School Program Coordinator

Week-long sleepover

Sleepovers were so middle school, but you have to admit, they're still fun. Ditch sharing a room with your little brother and take the opportunity to live with eight of your best friends for a week. You can't do that at home!

Giant waterslides

We have two giant waterslides called "Wet Willies" that shoot you into the lake at 60 miles per hour! Okay, maybe it's not that fast, but you can still race your friends to see who can smack the Akita lake first.

Relax for once

Take a vacation from summer vacation. No two-a-day soccer practice, no babysitting for the neighbor kids, no college visits. After all, I thought these three months supposed to be relaxing.

Act like a kid

Come on — you know Capture the Flag in the woods is fun, and those milkshakes are delicious, and that you really want to tie dye a pair of jeans. Want to cover yourself in mud? Sure. Want to do somersaults down the big hill? Go for it. Want to dance your butt off with a hundred other people covered in foam? Be my guest. When's the last time you did that?

You need love

You have a lot on your plate: grades, sports, college apps, friends, girlfriends, fitting in, being cool, being broke, getting a job, high expectations from everyone. Let us pamper you at camp. We may not give you a massage or a pedicure, but we will shower you in love. We accept that you're perfect just as you are, right now — we're not going to hold that off until after you get into the University of Perfect or make the Super Varsity Team. Come let us show you how great you are. You need love — you need Akita!