Sweet Home Camp Akita Programs


We are so excited to announce details for Sweet Home Camp Akita, our 2020 virtual camp experience. We hope to find the Akita Spirit in a new place: at home!

See below for details about our programs, or click here for a “walk-through” video from Rev. Sarah Kientz, Minister to Camp Akita.

Registration for our summer virtual programs begins at 9 am on Monday, June 15 at campakita.org! Email our Columbus Akita offices for more details or call (614) 488-0681 ext 113.


Monday-Friday for 3 Weeks
Our session will be 3 weeks in length:  July 6 - 24. Programs will occur each weekday with no programming on weekends. See a draft of weekly schedules for the Vesper Hill, Camper and Senior LIFE Guard packages here.  
Tentative Schedule
We anticipate offering a variety of options, small group gatherings, and full group challenges. Our exact schedule will depend upon how many campers register and age breakdowns. Watch a quick video to hear more about the schedule!

   Busy Summer Weeks
We know campers are busy on summer days, even if this summer looks different than years past! Campers can participate in as many or as few Sweet Home Camp Akita programs as they prefer. Many of our virtual events will be recorded for later viewing. See a draft of the weekly schedules here.

    Screen Fatigue
This summer's Akita programs will be entirely virtual; however, we don't want campers on their screens all day. Our goal is to encourage campers to get outside, try hands-on skills, and explore their creativity. Sweet Home Camp Akita will serve as a "hub" to receive challenges and build community with campers and Counselors who are doing the same.

     Catered to Age Groups
Sweet Home Camp Akita is for all ages: families with young children, campers in grades 1-12, graduated high school seniors, and even Camp Akita alumni. Programming will be tailored to age groups so that campers build authentic relationships in small groups. Learn more about our Vesper Hill, Camper, Senior LIFE Guard, and 1,2,3...Akita! Packages. See a comparison of what is offered for each package here.

    Technology & Platforms
All Sweet Home Camp Akita registrants will need access to a computer, tablet, or phone with an Internet connection. We’ll use Zoom for events that require participation, such as Tiki Time and Cabin Time. Announcements, videos, and challenges will be posted on BAND, a closed-group social media platform accessed via any web browser or downloaded as an app. Watch this video for more information on BAND and how it will be used for our summer virtual programs!

Genuine Relationships
The most important part of Camp Akita is the genuine relationships formed between campers and their counselors, peers, self, and God. While we are sad those relationships won’t form on the soap slide or Bald Eagle this summer, we are confident we can build authentic community in new and creative ways. Those who register as Campers and LIFE Guards will have dedicated counselors, small group experiences, and the opportunity to learn and play together.