Sweet Home Camp Akita

COVID-19 Updates

While we are heartbroken that Camp Akita will not look like the past 70 summers, we are excited to offer virtual programming, led by our counselors and staff, that will keep the Akita Spirit alive all summer long!

The most important part of Camp Akita is the genuine relationships fostered between campers and self, others, God, and nature. We are excited to create an at-home experience that will continue and grow those relationships. Through digital platforms and video conferencing, campers will…

  • Gather with others in their age group. We will offer programming for families with young children through graduated high school seniors.
  • Receive Cabin and Impact Group assignments. Campers will get to know fellow campers and counselors in small-group discussions and activities.
  • Participate in Free Time options led by counselors, including the Craft Cabin, Nature Cabin, Adventure, and more.
  • Complete meaningful and fun challenges, like photo and costume contests.
  • Sing together, share jokes, and hear inspiring messages at Tiki Time.
  • Serve others through our LIFE Guard program, which will help behind the scenes and in the community.
  • Watch videos produced just for Akita campers, follow the summer-long storyline of “Ohio Jones: Raiders of the Lost Summer,” and solve silly mysteries as a full group!

    View a sample schedule of what a week at Sweet Home Camp Akita might look like. Note that this is purely tentative! Let us know your thoughts below in the Ideas and Interest Form.

    Sample Schedule

    We Need Your Help!
    Let us know what you think about our tentative plans for Sweet Home Camp Akita, share your ideas, and express interest! This type of virtual programming is brand-new territory for us, but we’re excited to explore it together. Your feedback is so helpful!

    Ideas and Interest Form

    How do I register? What’s next?
    The best way for us to take the next step is by expressing interest through our Ideas & Interest Form (above). Even if you don’t want to fill out the whole form, simply give us your name and email address. You’ll receive email updates regarding dates, registration, and pricing.

    Thank you!
    Thanks for having faith in us to keep the Akita Spirit going in new ways. If there is a community that can meet the challenges before us with compassion, laughter, authenticity, and hope, it is the Akita Family. Thank you for being an important member of it!