Returning Staff Application

Job Descriptions

Returning Counselor

Returning Counselors are experienced staff members who supervise and lead a cabin of 7-10 campers alongside a co-Counselor. Co-Counselors are typically a first-year Counselor who has not worked at Camp Akita before, but they might be paired with another returning Counselor. Counselors work as a team to maintain a fun, inclusive, and welcoming cabin experience for all campers, as well as for each other. They are enthusiastic, engaged, and caring as they participate alongside and lead campers in camp activities. Counselors must be able to hike, climb stairs, lift at least 25 pounds, and more; please review the Job Description linked below, and reach out with questions.

There may be opportunities for returning Counselors to serve in Leadership Team positions (ie, L.I.F.E. Guard Counselor, Backcountry Counselor, Program Team) for sessions during the summer. Wages will be adjusted to reflect Leadership wages during those sessions.

Green Arrow Counselor Job Description (PDF)

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is a group of summer staff who demonstrate experience, maturity, and the ability to make wise independent decisions. Each Leadership Team role provides specialized leadership for one area of camp; however, the goal of all Leadership positions is to support the Counselors. The Leadership Team sets up the experiences that allow Counselors to build meaningful relationships and care for campers in fun and meaningful ways.

The following positions are available on the Leadership Team:

Head Counselor
Head Counselors act as servant leaders to the Counselors, striving to create a safe, fun, and meaningful experience for each Counselor. Head Counselors support the mission and goals of Camp Akita by striving to create an environment in which Counselors are healthy, happy, loved, supported, and valued, so that Counselors can create the same loving environment to Campers.

Green Arrow Head Counselor Job Description (PDF)

L.I.F.E. Guard Leader
L.I.F.E. Guard Leaders provide direct leadership and supervision of the L.I.F.E. Guard campers, striving to create a safe, fun, and meaningful experience for each L.I.F.E. Guard. L.I.F.E. Guard Leaders support the mission and goals of Camp Akita by engaging each participant in vibrant projects, thoughtful discussions, and a nurturing community; and fostering a safe environment for questions, spiritual growth, and personal transformation.

Green Arrow L.I.F.E. Guard Leader Job Description (PDF)

Program Team
Program Team members provide direct leadership and supervision of the daily schedule, games, and activities for campers and staff, striving for a safe, fun, and meaningful experience for all. Program Team members support the mission and goals of Camp Akita by thoughtfully planning and executing activities that build inclusive community and prepare campers to receive the message of Camp Akita.

Green Arrow Program Team Job Description (PDF)

Adventure Team
Adventure Team members provide direct leadership and supervision of Akita Backcountry, the Adventure Complex, and the Lake (Waterfront), striving for a safe, fun, and meaningful experience for each camper. Adventure Team members support the mission and goals of Camp Akita by engaging each participant in outdoor activities that allow them to engage with nature, build relationships, and grow through challenge-by-choice.

Green Arrow Adventure Team Job Description (PDF)

The Videographer produces high-quality storytelling and promotional videos and pictures that remind campers of their experience and open the doors to camp for those who have never been campers before. No previous Camp Akita employment is required; however, applicants must have experience in video editing and familiarity with camera equipment.

Green Arrow Videographer Job Description (PDF)

Office Manager
The Office Manager works closely with the Columbus office to coordinate the logistics of camper and staff arrival, departure, and on-site needs, as well as communication with families and others outside the Camp Akita gates. The Office Manager supports the mission and goals of Camp Akita by striving to create an environment in which campers and staff are supported and prepared for a fun and reflective session, as well as a platform to share memories beyond their time at camp.

Green Arrow Office Manager Job Description (PDF)

Employment Dates

The employment period for returners is May 23 – August 11, 2022.  This period includes a week of staff training from May 23-31, 2022. All returning staff members will receive at least one session off during the summer.


Staff members are paid based on position and years of experience. Returning Counselors are paid $75 per full day, Leadership staff receive $90 - $95 per full day, depending on the position you are hired for and the number of years you have been on Leadership Staff. For examples, average 2022 summer pay amounts are shown below. The actual amounts paid will vary according to the number of days taken off during the summer. 

at Camp Akita

Avg 2022
Summer Pay

First year Counselor $3,100
Returning Counselor $3,800
Leadership Team $4,600

You can also earn an additional bonus for certain special certifications (read more about certification bonuses).

Working at Camp Akita in Summer 2022

Summer 2021 taught us that camp can be safe (and fun!) during the pandemic. Our 2021 COVID policies were successful; we saw no COVID outbreaks! While we are hopeful that camp will feel even more “normal” this summer, we will continue to make informed decisions to keep the full camp community safe.

For 2022, we will continue to require all staff to be vaccinated and prepared to wear masks on-site. Additionally, we may require staff to receive a COVID test or quarantine if there is suspected exposure while living on-site. Just like 2021, we will NOT require a full-summer “bubble,” but will allow staff to come and go from camp for time off or other needs. New challenges may arise in summer 2022, and we will adapt our health and safety policies as necessary. We are hopeful that Camp Akita Staff 2022 will be as committed to safety as our 2021 staff, and therefore equally successful in preventing the spread of COVID.

If you have any questions regarding our COVID policies as they relate to summer staff, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you have any questions regarding the summer camp employment process, please email our Columbus offices or call (614) 488-0681, ext. 101.