New Staff Application

Camp Akita

Camp Akita is owned and operated by First Community Church in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about First Community Church and our inclusive theology, please click here. Camp Akita is located on over 1,200 acres in the Hocking Hills of southeast Ohio. We welcome over 1,700 campers a year to our summer programs, from 1st grade through graduated seniors.  We offer three different summer programs: a traditional summer camp, a service learning camp for high school students, and an outdoor education focused experience.

Job Description

First-year Counselors are staff members who supervise and lead a cabin of 7-10 campers alongside a co-Counselor, but they might be paired with another first-year Counselor. Co-Counselors are typically a returning Counselor who has worked at Camp Akita before. Counselors work as a team to maintain a fun, inclusive, and welcoming cabin experience for all campers, as well as for each other. They are enthusiastic, engaged, and caring as they participate alongside and lead campers in camp activities.

Prospective counselors should read our mission and vision statements. You can find them by clicking here. Being a camp counselor is not an easy job, make sure you are prepared to dedicate your time and energy to our campers before you apply.

All Camp Akita staff must be at least one year out of high school at the time of employment (for example, applicants for Summer 2022 must have graduated high school in 2021 or earlier). Counselors must be able to hike, climb stairs, and lift at least 25 pounds.

All staff must comply with First Community Church policies regarding vaccinations, including COVID-19 vaccines, prevention, and care. These policies may include receiving a full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine prior to beginning employment. While living on-site, policies may also include testing or quarantining when necessary.

Green Arrow Counselor Job Description (PDF)

Another position available for new staff is Videographer. If you have an interest in applying for this position, please email our Columbus offices.

Employment Dates

The employment period for first-year Counselors is May 23 – August 11, 2022. Counselors are expected to live at Camp Akita for the duration of their employment. You will be offered at least one session off based on our staffing needs and any scheduling conflicts you may have. All time off must be approved by the Camp Director.

All first-year Counselors should plan to work the entire summer. However, you will not necessarily be turned away if you can only work for part of the full employment period. Just make a note of this in the appropriate place on the application.


First-year Counselors are paid $60 per day, for an average summer salary of $3,100. This assumes you are present for staff training and have one session off during the summer,  If you take additional time off, your pay would be reflected accordingly, on a per-day basis. You can also earn an additional bonus for certain special certifications (read more about certification bonuses).

In addition to the wages paid, Camp Akita provides lodging and food to all our staff at no cost. For first-year Counselors, lodging will be primarily in one of our hillside cabins. First-year Counselors generally move cabins each camp session. This allows the first-year Counselor to work with a variety of returning Counselors and benefit from their leadership styles during the course of a summer.

The meals provided to staff members are primarily the same meals we serve our campers, designed to give the campers the energy and nutrients needed for long days at camp. We have vegetarian options available at every meal. Meal planning is done on a camp session basis. So, you will typically have the same meals in a rotation throughout the summer. In between camp sessions you will be asked to pay for a meal, typically a dinner. Please note, over the course of the summer you may be responsible to pay for up to 12 meals.

For staff members with specific dietary requirements or restrictions, we do our best to provide meals that fit your needs, however our options are limited. For example, if you are gluten free, you may have the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner every Monday, and so on throughout the week. We will do our best to find food that you are able to eat and will work with you to make your summer a success. Please note, if for any reason you have a restricted diet, your meals may be on a week by week rotation.

Application and Hiring Process

How to apply

Click the New Staff Application button at the bottom of the page.

  • If you have not applied in the past, click on BEGIN A NEW STAFF APPLICATION (at the bottom). Enter the requested information and click on Begin application to proceed. 
  •  If you have applied in the past, use the login username and password you set up before to access your Staff Dashboard. If you forgotten your Password, click on What's my password? to reset.
Fill out the entire application, making sure to answer the position specific questions as detailed as possible. The answers to these questions will carry the most weight when we make hiring decisions.

How the selection process works

A hiring committee formed from members of the Akita Council (adult volunteers from First Community Church) will review and rank all applications based on the quality of the responses, each month during the open application window. All identifying information (ie, your name, other names mentioned, etc) will be hidden from the committee.

Next, the ranked list of applications is passed on to camp directors, who conduct interviews with applicants and review the required recommendation forms. This team then re-ranks the applications and offers employment to the top ranked applicants first. We work down our ranking list until we have filled our available staff openings.

Recommendation Form

In addition to the application, you must also have at least two recommendation forms completed and submitted by references of your choice. The reference form will be emailed automatically to the email addresses you provide in the online application. Please choose references who can speak of your leadership ability, responsibility, and response to stressful work environments, such as mentors, teachers, supervisors, and babysitting parents. 

Working at Camp Akita in Summer 2022

Summer 2021 taught us that camp can be safe (and fun!) during the pandemic. Our 2021 COVID policies were successful; we saw no COVID outbreaks! While we are hopeful that camp will feel even more “normal” this summer, we will continue to make informed decisions to keep the full camp community safe.

For 2022, we will continue to require all staff to be vaccinated and prepared to wear masks on-site. Additionally, we may require staff to receive a COVID test or quarantine if there is suspected exposure while living on-site. Just like 2021, we will NOT require a full-summer “bubble,” but will allow staff to come and go from camp for time off or other needs. New challenges may arise in summer 2022, and we will adapt our health and safety policies as necessary. We are hopeful that Camp Akita Staff 2022 will be as committed to safety as our 2021 staff, and therefore equally successful in preventing the spread of COVID.

If you have any questions regarding our COVID policies as they relate to summer staff, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you have any questions regarding the summer camp employment process, please email our Columbus offices or call (614) 488-0681, ext. 101.