Laugh Like a Kid Again

— by the Camp Akita Program Team

We have heard that scientist did a study once and concluded that people who laugh more have happier lives than those who laugh less. We also know that, at Camp Akita, we make it a daily priority to laugh and make others laugh. Based on this scientific study, which probably cost a great deal of time and money, and using the transitive property, it is our conclusion that if you want your children to be happy you must send them to Camp Akita.

Hi, we are the Program Team at Camp Akita. It is our job to make our campers laugh and we take our jobs very seriously. We've been planning jokes, skits, and other hilarious material to make this summer our funniest one yet.

Laughter is the universal language. Want to make a great new friend? Laugh with a stranger. Want to strengthen an existing friendship? Laugh together. Laughter bonds us like nothing else. If you tell us you've never sat with a friend and laughed about a funny experience you shared, then we will call you a liar. It is ingrained in our human nature. At Akita, a camper can share a joke with an entire camp full of people — a shared experience that friendships can be built upon and strengthened.

It's hard to find good humor these days (although people in every time period have probably said that). We take great pride at Camp Akita in specializing in good old fashioned, clean humor; it's one of the most important lessons we teach at camp. To be funny, you don't have to tear someone else down — and we don't. To be funny, you don't have to point out differences in gender, race, religious views, body types, or anything else that makes people different — and we don't. To be funny, you don't have to use bad language or talk about taboo subjects — and we don't. We go to the core of humor to laugh like kids again. And we don't just use fart jokes, although they usually are money for a good laugh. Humor can be witty, smart, and cutting edge without being harmful.

In conclusion, send your child to Camp Akita. It's a great way to make them happy, because we promise they will laugh all week long and we will be laughing right there with them.