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Parent Resources

Akita Bullying Policy

Bullying is a form of physical or emotional abuse that occurs when a person or group wants to exert power over someone else, and it takes the form of words or actions that are intended to be hurtful.

At Camp Akita, bullying is unacceptable. Our camp philosophy on bullying is made clear through the first of our five goals: to provide total physical, emotional, and spiritual safety for all who enter Akita. An atmosphere of genuine safety is at the core of our community of acceptance and encouragement. We work together as a team to ensure that campers gain self-confidence, make new friends, and leave our gates knowing they are unique and loved by God and their Akita family. 

Unfortunately, someone who is bullied may not experience this loving community. Our leadership team addresses all incidents of bullying seriously, and we train counselors to promote communication with their campers about bullying. We want every camper to be comfortable alerting us to any problems, whether they are a victim or a bystander. Every person has the right to feel safe at camp, and by working together to identify and manage bullying, this right will be enjoyed by all campers.

For additional questions, please call Camp Akita Registration at 614-488-0681 ext. 101.