Adventure Complex FAQs

Our group has different people with different abilities. Will everyone be able to participate?

All of our programs are "challenge by choice", allowing all participants to seek their own level, while participating as a group. Akita instructors will determine any special needs of an individual and work to provide a positive experience for all.

How does the Alpine Tower at the Akita Adventure Complex differ from standard tree courses?

The Alpine Tower is a unique freestanding climbing structure offering many climbing challenges up to its 50' high platform. The tower offers routes based on the climber's ability, from the first time climber to the pro. As a freestanding structure the Alpine Tower provides a safer environment than typical tree courses that constantly change as the trees grow.

Are there any restrictions based on the age of the participant?

We offer something at the Akita Adventure Complex for everyone. Any restrictions will be based on the safety of the participant.

What is the difference between ground and climbing initiatives?

Ground programs are team building and challenge events that are just that, near the ground. All climbing initiatives have the participant, "on belay", tied in to a rope from above with a Akita instructor safely monitoring their assent and decent from their fixed position on the ground.

What special qualifications do your instructors have?

All Akita instructors are trained under the guidelines of the adventure complex manufacturer Alpine Towers International. Our instructors have extensive training in rope techniques and are certified in CPR and First Aid. Akita is a member of ACCT, the Association of Challenge Course Technology.

What should we wear to participate?

As with any outdoor activity, dress in comfortable clothes based on the climate. Dressing in layers is a good idea to allow for temperature changes throughout the day. Rubber sole shoes, be it running, tennis or hiking are both important and necessary. Remember sunscreen so you will have it as needed.

What if there are individuals in our group with special medical needs?

All participants are required to fill out a statement of participation form, which includes declaring any special medical needs. All of our programs are staffed with medical personal trained to deal with emergency situations.

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