Camp Akita COVID Policies
(Updated:  April, 2022)

Summer 2021 taught us that camp can be safe (and fun!) during the pandemic. Our 2021 COVID policies were successful; we saw no COVID outbreaks! While we are hopeful that camp will feel even more “normal” this summer, we will continue to make informed decisions to keep the full camp community safe.

Camp Akita will continue to follow guidance from…

The American Camp Association (ACA)
The Association of Camp Nursing (ACN)
The Ohio Department of Health Guidance for Residential Camps
The CDC Guidance for Operating Youth & Summer Camps During COVID-19

Before Camp

  • If a camper is ill (fever, cough, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea) or has been exposed to COVID, that camper must please stay home. Please review this symptom checker prior to arriving to camp check-in:  CDC: Symptoms of COVID
  • All camp staff are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 vaccines are not required of campers; however, we strongly urge campers to receive the vaccine if they are eligible to help protect our full-camp community.
  • Masks are no longer required at Camp Akita or Check-in. Anyone is welcome to wear a mask, and those who choose to do so will be respected.
  • Masks may be required in certain camp locations, such as inside the Infirmary, just as they would in a physician’s office. In these cases, masks will be provided.

What happens if a camper develops COVID symptoms?
  • Campers who become ill at camp with any potentially contagious symptoms, including suspected COVID (fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, body aches, and/or other symptoms), will be quarantined and will return home as soon as possible. In prior summers, we would “wait and see” if campers felt better over time; “wait and see” is no longer a best practice for us, and instead, campers will return home to receive care from parents/guardians.

  • Parent/guardians should plan to pick up their child within 2 hours of receiving a call from Camp Akita. In the meantime, campers will wait in the Infirmary or quarantine area.
  • Camp Akita will not issue COVID tests to campers, even if the camp nurse finds their symptoms are consistent with COVID. We encourage families to take their camper to receive a COVID test through your physician’s office.
  • If a camper returns home due to suspected COVID, all cabin mates (regardless of vaccination status) may remain at camp as long as they are not exhibiting symptoms.

If my camper goes home due to COVID, what is the refund policy?

Although it is unfortunate, some campers do leave Camp Akita during a session due to illness, injury, or other extraordinary circumstances. We do not reimburse or pro-rate a refund due to a camper leaving mid-session as we will have already incurred the costs for the camper at the time of their arrival. This includes any campers who are sent home due to potential COVID symptoms.

If First Community Church/Camp Akita determines that a camp session will be canceled prior to the start of that session due to a COVID-19 outbreak, a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit will be issued.

May a camper leave during their camp session and return to camp that same session? 

  • If the camper left due to illness, then tested positive for COVID once home…no. Not enough time has passed to appropriately quarantine.
  • If the camper left due to potentially contagious illness…maybe. The camper must be fever-free for 24 hours, exhibit no further symptoms, and have proof of a negative COVID test.
  • If the camper left due to an injury or any other non-contagious reason…yes.
What other COVID policies will remain? 

We put new policies into effect in Summer 2021 for COVID purposes; after trying those policies, they have become best practices! Although these are no longer necessary from a public health perspective, we plan to continue the following:
  • The Tent. Last year, we rented a big-top tent to move more activities outdoors. We loved it! This summer, campers will see the tent in the gravel circle again.
  • Eating together. Cabins will continue to eat together in the Dining Hall. Having an assigned table for each cabin dramatically decreased anxiety in the Dining Hall; campers knew they would have a seat with friends and did not feel rushed to find a place to sit. This year, Counselors will rotate tables so that campers get to know more and different staff throughout the week.
  • Quick good-byes at Check-In. Adults accompanying their camper(s) will be asked to leave the church upon completing Check-In; campers will stay with Counselors in Grace Hall (the final step of check-in). Adults are welcome to wait in the parking lot to wave good-bye but may not linger indoors, or on the patio, after dropping off camper(s). We saw a dramatic decrease in tears at Check-In due to these quicker goodbyes.