Akita Weekends

General information

Technology Requirements

Campers need a computer or tablet with internet access and video conferencing capabilities.

Platforms We Use

BAND.  When you register, you’ll receive a code to join BAND, a free social media platform just for registered campers and their families. BAND can be accessed on any internet browser or by downloading a free app. BAND serves as a “home base” for campers to see the schedule, join Zoom sessions, and stay updated on the Team Challenge. Watch a video walk-through from the Akita Staff on how we use BAND.

Zoom. All live sessions will occur on Zoom, a free video conferencing app. Learn more about Zoom and download the app.

Netflix Watch Party.  One evening, we will watch an age-appropriate movie together from afar! Access the instructions on preparing your laptop or computer for the Netflix Watch Party.

Best Practices

We hold our campers, staff, and volunteers to the same behavior standards during virtual camp as we do during on-site sessions. Click to read our full Camper Code of Conduct.