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Camp Akita 2019 Summer Theme

Every year at Camp Akita we focus our discussion and quiet time around a theme. We do our best to pick a theme that will be recognizable to every camper, provide depth of content for discussion, and is counter-cultural. We are very excited to announce the 2019 summer camp theme.

Stop, Look, and Listen

At Camp Akita this summer, we will focus on a simple three-step process: stop, look, and listen. Sound familiar? Many of us heard these instructions as young children as we learned to cross the street. Yet these three words also have the power to bring happiness, awareness and kindness to ourselves and others.

In our busy and connected world, it's more important than ever to find moments to be still. How can we disrupt our daily lives with moments of peace? How can we remind ourselves to take a second before we reply all, comment on a post, or respond? At Akita, we will talk about how we can add stop signs to our lives so we might be more present to ourselves, others and God.
Looking is more than seeing. It's about being curious, asking questions, and taking in what's around us. Sometimes looking involves finding what wasn't there at first glance, like the hidden connections that hold us together, or the potential to bring kindness to others. When we learned to cross the road, we were told to "look both ways." How can we learn to take in our own perspectives as well as other ways of seeing?
As young children, we were told to listen for the cars, bikes, and people we couldn't see with our eyes. In the same way, it's important to listen to those whom we do not always see - like the stories of children, the voices of the marginalized, and the whisperings of God. How can we learn to listen to the voices of others, as well as share our own?

In the comings and goings of our daily lives, we "stop, look, and listen" before moving forward. We hope you "stop, look, and listen" in the midst of your journey this summer at Camp Akita!

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